The company has two factories that are of the few pioneer factories in Angola. The first factory is the plastics factory which started its operations in the year 2001.

The factory has been growing since then and has never stopped to grow to meet the strong demand for its products in the market.
The factory is a leader in its market and is maintaining its position on top of the market by investing more in the industry and building strong brand names.

Today the plastics factory brand name is well known all over Angola and seen as a quality sign thus selling in the upper market range. Currently the plastics factory produces a huge range of products including furniture, household products and bags for different uses.

The second factory is the paints factory that produces all kinds of paints for civil construction.
Seeing the country's potential in civil construction, the group decided to apply its expertise and its international experience in building up a paints factory in 2002.

The factory now produces paints of all kinds with 3 brands where it acts as the market leader.

The company is still investing more in the industrial field bringing in more machines to increase its products range and become more efficient and thus more competitive.



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